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Diabetes Could Make you Look Older

Thu, 15 Dec 2011

Dutch scientists have discovered that individuals with high blood sugar levels look a year older than their real age.

This study discovered that those with high blood sugar levels, as a result of a poor diet or , looked consistently older than those with lower blood sugar levels.

The findings show that for each one mmol/litre increase in blood sugar levels, individuals looked about five months older than they really were.

The lead researcher confirmed that those with high glucose begin to look older, with diabetics looking even older because they have had the worst exposure to high glucose levels.

This is further evidence as to why a healthy lifestyle is important as it can affect your appearance and your physical health.

Certain scientists consider that this aging effect could be due to the build-up of sugar sticking to collagen, which maintains supple skin.

A healthy diet, regular sleep, frequent exercise and lowering stress levels all help us to sleep better.

Good sleep maximises the natural secretion of human growth hormone to trigger cell turnover, with exercise increasing blood circulation and nutrient flow to your skin.
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