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Funding of Drug Testing for Prevention of Heart Disease among Diabetics

Tue, 20 Dec 2011

£430,000 is being ploughed into new drug testing to prevent in .

Manchester based researchers are going to lead a national trial for a drug which removes excess copper from diabetics which results in enhanced functioning of the heart.

The J P Moulton Charitable Foundation has given the £430,000 funding for phase 2B of the trials.

The University of Manchester's School of Biomedicine's Professor Paul Bishop is going to lead the trial, alongside colleagues from Manchester Royal Infirmary.

Preliminary studies have highlighted that the drug trientine, costing a few pence to manufacture per tablet, can keep diabetes -related complications at bay.

Excess copper can accumulate in tissues in diabetics which the Manchester research team has proven leads to heart damage.

Trientine sticks to the excess copper and enables it to safely leave the body, preventing more damage, even enabling damaged heart muscle to regenerate.
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