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A Fifth of Indians are Diabetic

Tue, 08 Nov 2011

A fifth of Indian adults who are living in metropolitan cities are and suffer from hypertension .

More worryingly a third of those who live in the central state of suffer from both conditions.

These are some findings from India's biggest clinic-based survey which aims to assess the prevalence of diabetes as well as hypertension.

The picture when it comes to health is grim: with 60 per cent of all Indians suffering from diabetes or hypertension or both.

Sanofi, the multinational pharmaceutical company, tested nearly 16,000 people living in urban cities in eight states for the past three years. Patients who went to their GPs with complaints other than diabetes and hypertension were tested.

It astounded the researchers that 60 per cent of those tested had diabetes or hypertension or both.

The study assessed individuals in three ways: whether or not their glycated haemoglobin levels were under 7, whether or not their blood pressure was less than 130/80 and their levels of bad cholesterol less than 100 mg/dl.

Indians medics consider that such widespread conditions are fuelled by obesity and non-vegetarianism
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