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Inactivity is a Major Cause of Diabetes

Mon, 28 Nov 2011

As a nation we have become more sedentary and more inactive. As a result there is a growing epidemic of obesity in the UK.

We are growing consumer of sedentary activities too, such as, computer games and fast, processed foods.

Our lives have become convenient and we have become reliant on convenience foods.

We are bombarded with consumer products and foods. Food has become synonymous with going out, fun and having a good time.

It is also so easy to access unhealthy foods, such as, fast, junk foods. We are consuming more calories than we are expending.

However, as a nation we do not undertake as much exercise as we should.

With all this happening, so wonder we have a platform for the increasing numbers of people developing type 2 diabetes in this country.

Research has shown that the number of hours children spend in front of the television is directly related to childhood obesity . Obesity is a key factor which increases the risk of developing type 2 .
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