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Three Diabetics in American Law Suit against Employer

Fri, 18 Nov 2011

Three bus drivers are suing a leading bus, coach and rail company, saying that it discriminated against them by illegally suspending them.

The plaintiffs argue that that Coach USA violated the state's Law Against Discrimination by suspending the three of them for non existent conditions.

Coach USA, is a New Jersey subsidiary of Scotland-based Stagecoach Group; it claims that the company acted in accordance with federal law.

Coach USA attorney Christina Stoneburner stated that the company permits non insulin dependent diabetics to work as interstate commercial drivers, given that the company considers that the condition is controlled by oral medicine, dietary intervention and medical supervision. She says that without these controls, drivers are at risk of losing consciousness whilst driving from hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia .

The suit was filed in 2009, with the drivers claiming that those symptoms do occur for some insulin-dependent diabetics. However, they are exceedingly rare amongst diabetics who do not use insulin. The three drivers state that they are type 2 diabetics who do not need insulin. They state that they suffered lost wages and lower savings during the 25 or so months combined of their suspension between 2003 and 2010.
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