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American Hospital Provides Type 2 Diabetes Prevention Programme

Tue, 18 Oct 2011

250,000 Mississippians suffer from type 2 diabetes, the preventable kind of . That means over ten per cent of the state is diabetic, ranking as the second highest diabetic state in the USA.

However, a local hospital, Anderson's, is providing a type 2 diabetes prevention programme which aims to bring such figures down.

Diabetes is a condition, when not checked, can change your life.

Family history plays a key part in developing diabetes. If you know of relatives who have been diabetic you need to look out for signs of increased thirst and excessive weight gain.

You need to watch out if you are sure going to the toilet at night time as this may be a sign of something happening with your blood sugar .

Diabetes is a chronic condition, therefore, diabetics need to constantly monitor their blood sugar to prevent complications taking hold.

The extensive diabetes prevention programme that the hospital offers includes a diet plan to follow, which list the quantities of foods you ought to eat and how that impacts upon your blood sugar levels .

There is also a great deal of emphasis on exercise and healthy eating as part of an overall healthy lifestyle.

It promotes a message of getting more active. The more exercise you undertake the more able you are to control diabetes by enabling yourself to lose weight and reduce your blood sugar.

It is also advisable to eat high fibre foods and whole grains.

Anderson's hospital not only educates people of diabetes prevention and diabetes awareness, it also raises money for diabetes research .
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