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Cut down on red meat to avoid bowel cancer, says WCRF

Mon, 23 May 2011

Limiting intake of red and processed meat can cut the risk of developing bowel cancer, The World Cancer Research Fund (WRCF) has advised.

It comes as part of a new comprehensive report on bowel cancer risk compiled by the WRCF and the American Institute for Cancer Research.

Based on reviews of existing studies, the report recommends that the public should limit the amount of red meat they eat to 500g (cooked weight) a week - roughly the equivalent of five or six medium portions of roast beef, lamb or pork - and avoid processed meat as much as possible.

The expert panel that oversaw the report also says that evidence emerging in recent years has made a stronger case for the suggestion that foods containing dietary fibre reduce bowel cancer risk.

They say that there is now "convincing" evidence foods containing fibre, such as wholegrains, fruits, vegetables and pulses, can help prevent bowel cancer.

Chair of the panel professor Alan Jackson said: "Our review has found strong evidence that many cases of bowel cancer are not inevitable and that people can significantly reduce their risk by making changes to their diet and lifestyle."
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