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Diabetes can Affect Sex Lives

Fri, 13 May 2011

Many of us think that diabetes affects sexual dysfuncton in men, but it also affects women.

Female diabetics can develop nerve damage in the vaginal area due to a long-term complication of poorly managed high blood sugars .

When specific types of nerves are damaged, female lubrication becomes blocked. There is no easy solution to reversing the resultant nerve damage, with there being various medicines over-the-counter.

High blood sugars ensure sugar spills into the urine, creating a wonderful environment for yeast to grow. Diabetes also weakens the immune system's response to yeast infection.

Such infections in women render sexual relations painful and undesirable. The good news is there are many prescription and non-prescription treatments for vaginal yeast infections. The best management is prevention through improved diabetes control.

Should you be an adult female diabetic woman with diabetes taking insulin, sex can cause low blood sugar as can any other physical activity.

Should low sugar happen during sex, a sudden loss of sexual ability may happen. A properly-timed blood sugar check takes place and a snack can prevent an embarrassing moment as well as a sudden loss of mood.

It can also be sensible to frequently have a snack prior to going to bed as low blood sugar post sex is quite frequent. Many diabetics take lots of different medicines on a daily basis which increases the risk of drug interactions.

Your pharmacist can frequently analyse your unique combination of medicines for any sudden interactions. Female diabetics can have a higher risk of problems with menstrual regularity. These are often connected with type 2 diabetes . There are effective treatments available for both conditions.
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