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Insomnia Linked to Increased Insulin Resistance amongst Diabetics

Wed, 11 May 2011

Diabetics who find it difficult to control their blood glucose levels are at a higher risk of complications.

Their quality of life is reduced and their life expectancy lowered.

Diabetics usually have poorer sleep than those who do not have diabetes and poor sleep is said to be a risk factor for developing this condition.

There are more cases of sleep disorders, like, sleep apnea, amongst those with type 2 diabetes .

For the purposes of the study, researchers monitored the sleep of forty diabetics who have problems sleeping over a period of six nights.

They then provided blood samples at clinical examinations which enabled researchers to measure insulin and glucose levels .

Amongst the diabetics, poor sleepers showed 23% higher blood glucose levels in the morning, as well as 48% higher blood insulin levels .
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