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Good Fat Needs to be Activated to Combat Diabetes

Thu, 22 Sep 2011

"Good fat" needs to be activated to keep at bay.

New research findings could make way for new , according to scientists.

and are common conditions which affect those who use home care.

Activating your body's 'good' fat can be vital in lowering levels of these chronic conditions, so says a study published in journal Endocrinology.

Researchers have uncovered two molecular pathways which are essential to activating the brown fat, enabling them to find ways to modify these pathways to stimulate the fat's natural function.

Brown fat burns energy, whereas, white fat stores it.

This discovery is considered to be "a very important piece of the puzzle".

Brown fat provides new opportunities. There is a lot to learn as to how to grow the brown fat cells. There is still a lot of missing information.

It is vital that the fight with continues, with new research indicating that diabetics are twice as likely to develop Alzheimers disease as others.
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