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Older Diabetics Less Aware of Hypos

Mon, 26 Sep 2011

Older are not as aware of as younger diabetics .

Recent research undertaken with over 65s with uncovered that they are less aware of () episodes than middle-aged diabetics, that is, those aged between 39 and 64.

The specific reason for this lower awareness is not known.

However, researchers estimate that can trigger increased impairment of cognitive and physiological changes in older people.

The study aimed to analyse the subjective responses of older Type 2 diabetics to hypoglycemic episodes. Herein diabetic patients were asked to specify how they perceived their own hypoglycemic episodes.

It is has been demonstrated that older diabetics are more susceptible to severe hypoglycemic episodes. However, they had not been studied before.

The researchers emphasised that hypoglycemia is the main limiting factor in . Effective management of such episodes is a key factor in proper overall management.
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