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Child Disorders Related To Diabetes and Obesity

Tue, 10 Apr 2012

Obese women as well as those with Type 2 may increase their risk of having a child with autism or another development disorder.

These are the findings of a new American study.

University of California researchers state that high blood glucose levels during pregnancy can affect brain development in the foetus.

The Paediatrics study assessed 1,000 children and mothers over seven years.

During the study, 1.3 per cent of women had Type 2 diabetes and 7.4% had developed diabetes during pregnancy.

The children in the study were aged between two and five years old and were enrolled between 2003 and 2010.

Of the children whose mothers were type 2 diabetic during pregnancy, 9.3 per cent those children had autism.

11.6 per cent of that group of children displayed signs of a developmental disability.

That was nearly double the 6.4% of children with these problems born to women with no metabolic conditions.

20 per cent of the mothers of autistic children or children with a developmental disability were obese, in contrast to 14 per cent of the mothers of normally developing children.
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