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The Effects of Parkinsons Disease could be Lessened by Metformin

Thu, 19 Apr 2012

The effects of Parkinsons disease in diabetics may be considerably reduced by metformin, so new research highlights.

A Dutch professor has found that this drug could potentially be a new way of looking into key diseases in modern society and that it can help to re-set the mechanism of the energy metabolism in the body's cells.

The drug has been lowered cardiovascular mortality and bowel, pancreas and liver cancer in diabetics, more so than any other prescription used especially for those with this condition.

It is an exciting finding that metformin appears to work to protect the brain against neurodegeneration which contributes to Parkinson's Disease.

The use of sulfonylureas, usually prescribed for treatment increases the risk of Parkinson's by 57 per cent. There are nearly 3 million Brits suffering from this condition presently, so, this drug may be vital in the fight against diabetes .
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