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Diabetes Could Start from the Stomach

Thu, 16 Feb 2012

Scientists have said that difficulties controlling blood sugar, the main sign of , could start in the intestines.

The finding is yet another suggestion as to what causes the disease.

As insulin is made in the pancreas and sugar is stored in the liver, numerous scientists have considered those organs to hold the answers to the underlying causes of diabetes .

The new research has studied mice which are not able to make fatty acid synthase (FAS) in their intestine.

FAS is an enzyme which is vital for producing lipids and is regulated by insulin .

Diabetics are defective in terms of FAS. Mice that do not have this enzyme in their intestines develop chronic inflammation in the gut, a key predictor of diabetes.

Diabetes could, therefore, begin in your gut.

Once people become insulin resistant they start to put on weight . FAS is not working effectively; this causes inflammation which, in turn, can trigger diabetes.
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