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Is Sugar Actually Toxic

Mon, 06 Feb 2012

When you finish this sentence, another person will have died from type 2 diabetes and another two will have been diagnosed as diabetic .

This disease is a killer, a self-inflicted condition related to obesity and our current lifestyles.

Due to it not being a dramatic and attention-grabbing killer like cancer and other infectious diseases, perhaps it is not considered in as serious terms.

University of California researchers state that sugar poses a health risk as it contributes to approximately 35 million deaths across the world every year.

It is considered to be almost as toxic as alcohol and tobacco.

Due to the rising numbers of diabetics researchers urge a tax on foods and drinks which contain ''added’’ sugar.

Moreover, they recommend banning sales of foods and drinks with added sugar in or near schools and placing age restrictions on those buying such items.

The danger of sugar contributes to the growing problems of and obesity .

Sucrose is particularly toxic as it is made from glucose and fructose, refined to make table sugar and a processed sugar called ''high-fructose corn syrup’’.

Instead of increasing the fruit content of a drink, manufacturers throw in cheap processed sugar to make it tastier.
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