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Diabetic Students Do Not Fare as Well as Peers

Mon, 30 Jan 2012

students do not fare as well as their non diabetic counterparts according to the latest American research.

Diabetic students also go unrecognised as they discreetly check their blood sugar, take their insulin shots or other oral medication.

Type 2 diabetes has nearly doubled on American campuses in the last decade.

This increase in type 2 diabetes is directly linked with obesity .

The American Diabetes Association states that there are around 26 million American diabetics .

Around seven million of them have not been diagnosed officially.

A recent study emphasised that diabetic students are more likely to drop out of high school, not as likely to attend college and are likely to earn around $160,000 less than their non diabetic counterparts over their lifetime.

A key finding showed that there have been massive increases in high school drop outs due to growing up with diabetes.

A reason researchers cite for diabetics earning less and not being as successful is due to them having much higher rates of absence from work and school.
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