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Tue, 10 Jan 2012

A new wireless glucometer, an instrument that utilise to measure their blood sugar levels, is going to be launched in Las Vegas this week.

It is said to be the forerunner in the USA and is used to instantly transmit health data to your iPhone. The device is going to be launched next week and is going to be available for shipping by the end of January.

The article highlights that it is going to revolutionise home diabetic care.

Using an iPhone, the Telcare meter transmits your readings to a your private online database, accessible with your permission by doctors or carers, whilst charting trends and highlighting any problems.

It also automatically transmits feedback, that is, if your readings appear high or low and enables doctors to respond.

The Telcare meter costs $150 for a starter kit, including the meter, a wall charger, case and accessories.

Moreover, testing strips cost $56 for 50 or $36 with the subscription.
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