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Reasons for Increase in Type 1 Diabetes Across the World

Thu, 26 Jan 2012

What are the reasons for the increasing trend in type 1 across the world?

Certain factors play a greater part in particular regions. The list of potential culprits is endless.

Researchers suggest that gluten, the protein in wheat, could play a role as type 1 diabetics appear to be at higher risk for coeliac disease and the amount of gluten most of us eat, mainly in highly processed foods, has radically increased in the last three decades.

There is a theory that children are more prone to developing diseases as they are kept away from potential infections in childhood. There is also a theory that an ultra clean childhood can lead to developing allergies in later life.

Certain researchers state obesity can trigger type 1 diabetes, where the body destroys its insulin-producing cells. The "overload" hypothesis suggests that should a child be obese to start with, this could set the scene for insulin-producing cells to fail, with the auto-immune attack pushing them over the edge.

Should obesity be an explanation, it is not comfortable reading . Over 25 per cent of children is the UK are overweight .
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