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Sleeping Problems can Adversely Impact Teenage Diabetics

Tue, 03 Jan 2012

Teenagers and children with type 1 can experience poorer sleep than their counterparts.

This can impact upon their condition adversely, so the results of a new study show.

American researchers monitored the progress of 50 young type 1 diabetics aged between 10 and 16.

In spite of sticking to recommendations for good diabetic health management, many young type 1 diabetics find it difficult to maintain control of their blood sugar.

It may be abnormalities in sleep, like daytime sleepiness and lighter sleep which could make good blood sugar control more difficult.

The researchers discovered that type 1 diabetics tend to have a more lengthy lighter stage of sleep than their counterparts. This was related to more pronounced blood sugar levels and a poor school performance.

The researchers noted that nearly a third of the young people had the sleep disorder, known as sleep apnoea, regardless of weight.

Sleep apnoea can be life-threatening as your breathing is disrupted during your sleep and is more common amongst adults with type 2 diabetes, especially overweight adults.
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