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Diabetes Can Double your Risk of Stroke

Wed, 06 Jun 2012

can more than double the likelihood of stroke as it can increase blood pressure .

The majority of diabetics are aware that is important to control their blood sugar levels, however, many diabetics need to appreciate the importance of keeping blood pressure down as well.

Strokes among diabetics have reached a peak, with approximately 16,000 people diabetics having suffered a stroke in England in 2009/10, which is an astonishing 57 per cent increase since 2006/07.

Being overweight increases the risk of stroke and heart attack among us all. However, those with diabetes are at high risk even when at a normal weight as the condition is related to high blood pressure.

Diabetes damages the brain's large blood vessels which is what causes strokes.

Blood pressure control is critical with the upper target for a diabetic blood pressure reading being no higher than 130/80; this is lower than the 140/90 target for the general public.
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