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Grocery Shopping List for Diabetics

Thu, 08 Mar 2012

, pre-diabetes as well as blood sugar control are vital for many people.

Even before you go shopping ensure that you have eaten so you are not hungry when you shop.

Make sure you read your labels with care for dietary information.

Review your ingredient list if available. It is vital for diabetics to look at total grams of carbohydrate . This includes the grams of sugar listed as well as the amount of additional carbohydrates in the food.

Blood sugar level control is essential for diabetics; understanding how to count carbohydrates. Maintaining a lower carbohydrate intake is related with having lower sugar levels in the blood, therefore, making this essential.

It is vital to avoid buying highly processed foods as regularly.

Carefully read even the diabetes friendly food labels.

Despite these foods being lower in sugars, they often contain other substances which will increase blood sugar levels when they break down. Be on the look out for sugar alcohols, such as mannitol, xylitol and sorbitol as sugar alcohols can heighten your blood sugar level. Do not consider these to be okay.

Moreover, products targeted at diabetics, such as diabetic ice cream, biscuits and sweets could contain more calories than the foods they are replacing.
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