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Lowering Stress Levels Helps Combat Type 2 Diabetes

Wed, 23 May 2012

A new Care study shows that Type 2 diabetics can enhance their health status and reduce depression by lowering stress levels.

The participants were part of the Heidelberger Diabetes and Stress-Study in Germany; they were each assigned to a mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR) intervention group or a normal treatment control group.

All participants were aged between 30 and 70 years, had type 2 diabetes for a minimum of three years, and had albuminuria, or protein in the urine.

A year on the MBSR group highlighted improved health status and reduced levels of depression in contrast to the control group.

The intervention group also showed higher stress reduction than the control group.

A year on there was no significant difference in albuminuria in the two groups, however, the MBSR intervention meant a prolonged reduction in psychosocial distress.

Stress has impact on blood glucose . The American Diabetes Association states that stress can affect blood glucose in two ways.

Firstly, those under stress may neglect to look after themselves and check their glucose levels or plan healthy meals.

Secondly, stress hormones can change blood glucose levels directly. Scientists have discovered that mental stress frequently increases blood glucose levels. Physical stress, such as, illness or injury can cause higher blood glucose levels in both types of diabetics .

Our bodies deal with stress by producing increased levels of several hormones which causes our bodies to produce excess stored energy, such as, glucose and fat available to cells.

Diabetics often find that insulin is not available to let the extra energy into the cells which results in excess blood glucose levels .
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