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Ways in which To Lower Your Likelihood of Developing Type 2 Diabetes

Wed, 16 May 2012

There are two kinds of . Type 1 is usually the kind you are born with, with Type 2 diabetes generally being caused by unhealthy living and develops as you become older.

The second kind happens when the body becomes resistant to the hormone insulin, resulting in a slow increase in your body’s blood sugar levels .

Those who are overweight and less active are more at risk, especially those who have a lots of fat around their middle.

Given the fact that Type 2 diabetes is highly preventable, Type 2 diabetes cases have rocketed as Brits have become fatter, with over a quarter of us now deemed as obese .

A diagnosis of type 2 diabetes can knock six years off your life.

There are also nearly a million people who are diabetic and do not know so, with the majority of type 2 diabetes cases being ­diagnosed in those aged over 40.

Here are some signs of be wary of. If you notice any of these symptoms contact your GP; feeling very thirsty; peeing frequently; impaired vision; feeling more tired than usual; cuts that take a lot longer to heal than usual; frequent periods of thrush infection.
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